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"Aren't you a little overqualified for a beach bum?" - George Stobbart



Professor Oubier's House
• Examine the bookcase to the right of George.
• Push the block under it.
• Use the metal bracket on the wall.
• Examine the bureau.
• Click on the top part of it.
• Take a drink from the bottle.
• Pick up the worm.
• Click on the bureau drawer.
• Take the pot from it.
• Examine the pot in your inventory.
• Examine Nico's handbag.
• Take a look at the items you got from it.
• Take the poison dart from the floor.
• Go over to the cabinet close to the fire.
• Open it with the dart.
• Take the full but hot cylinder using Nico's underwear.
• Use the cylinder on the syfon on top of the cabinet (at the right).
• Click the syfon on the fire.
• Leave the room.
• Use the telephone.
• Use the small key on the front door.

• Take a seat at the front table.
• Order a coffee.
• Talk to the retired gendarme.
• Order another coffee.
• Talk to the waiter.
• Talk to Andre Lobineau.
• Talk to the gendarme again.
• Take his bottle when he's not looking.
• Leave for Glease's Gallery.

Glease's Gallery
• Talk to the giggling girls.
• Talk to the drinking fat man.
• Talk to Glease, the gallery owner.
• Go over to the fat man again, and when he's showing his glass, pour some of the absynth from the gendarme in it.
• Do this once more.
• Go to the crates at the back and examine them.

Marseille: The Docks
• Go over to the guard's house.
• Click on the window.
• Talk to the guard.
• Go down the stairs.
• Take the hook at the right out of the water.
• Use the hook to get the bottle at the left out of the water.
• Return to the shed.
• Click on the fence. Oops, you'll need to find a way around this.
• Click on the chimney.
• Use the bottle on the chimney.
• Click on the chimney again.
• Use the bottle on the chimney again.
• Go down the stairs again, and climb into the shed through the floor gate.
• Take a piece of coal from the coal chute.
• Take the dog biscuits.
• Leave the shed.
• Use the biscuits on the platform.
• Use the hook on the platform.
• Return to the fence.
• Click on the fence.

Marseille: The Warehouse
• Climb the ladder.
• Open the window.
• Use the boat hook on the fan.
• Go down the ladder and knock on the door.
• Get back on the roof as soon as the guy closes the spy window.
• When he's outside, click on the barrels.
• Do this again.
• Go down and enter the warehouse.
• Read the noticeboard.
• Open the drawer.
• Talk to the little guy and unlock his handcuffs.
• Use the elevator.
• Push the right crate.
• Push the top switch to the right of the elevator.
• Examine the scratches on the floor.
• Examine the hidden door.
• Enter the secret room.
• Click on the rope around Nico's hands.
• Take the fetish.
• Talk to Nico.
• Put the tape on the photo-electric cell in the elevator.
• Push the crate out of the elevator.
• Move the crate with the holes in it to the right crate.
• Push the left crate.
• Use the pallet carrier.
• Attach the rope to the statue.
• Click on the rope and attach it to the pulley.
• Use the pallet carrier again.
• Push the statue.
• Talk to Nico.
• Leave the room through the newly opened door.
• Use the handcuffs on the cable.

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