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"Aw... rats. And don't call me Georgie." - George Stobbart


Intrepid adventurers George and Nico return in another epic adventure where they face another mysterious escapade of brutality, calamity and immortality in this, the sequel to the highly successful 'Broken Sword- The Shadow of the Templars'. Tragedy follows the triumph of George and Nico's last adventure with George forced to leave his new love found love Nico in order to tend to his dying father in America. Now back in Paris for a reunion, it's not long before George finds that his quick-witted French girlfriend had led them into mortal danger one again.

Photo-journalist Nico has been doing her best to expose a drugs smuggling ring, but inadvertently stumbles upon something far more sinister when she gains possession of a mysterious obsidian stone.
Visiting the house of Mayan archaeologist Professor Oubier in the hope of discovering further details about the artefact, the pair are attacked. Nico is struck by a poison dart and kidnapped, and George is left to be bitten by a deadly tarantula whilst trapped in a burning room. This brush with death is the first of many for our hero, where you'll join our adventurers on a wild journey from the wet and cold of London to the paradise of the Caribbean. In a race against time to prevent a criminal mastermind from fulfilling an age-old prophecy to bring about the destruction of mankind.

Aswell as having a brand new storyline, 'Broken Sword- The Smoking Mirror' has new technological
improvements such as new transparency effects, enhanced graphics which can be configured depending on the demands your machine can meet and a new menu and inventory system. Fear not, for this classic can be enjoyed even on a 486! The sixty or so hours of entertainment is filled with many locations including Paris, Marseilles, Mexico, London and the Caribbean Islands. There are over sixty characters, old and new, to interact with and many more puzzles to complete. This is another fine example of Revolutions point and click creations that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

PC Gaming World Nov. 1997 "This is a game which fires up the imagination, challenges the grey matter, entertains and intrigues. If anyone needs to know what constitutes a great adventure, look no further. Smokin Mirror is by far the best adventure Revolution - and indeed, Britain, has produced to date."

PC Format Nov 1997 "...and when you're approaching the end you're stricken by a feeling that it hasn't lasted long enough. That's no critisism of its size, more a testament to the titles quality. Broken Sword 2 keeps you playing for hours, non-stop, with its rich seam of imagination, its ingenuity and flawless presentation."

Official Playstation Magazone 9/10
Edge 9/10
PC Format 90% Gold Award

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