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"You can't touch me up in the street and get away with it!" - George Stobbart



Pick up the newspaper.
Walk to the roadworks.
After Rosso's interview in the cafe, talk to Nico, the photographer.
Ask Nico about the clown and Plantard (the clown's victim) until she has told you all she knows
and gives you her phone number.
Walk to the roadworks and give the newspaper to the workman.
Get the tool from the toolbox inside the tent.
Walk to the alley on the right hand side of the cafe square.
Use the tool on the manhole cover.
Get the clown's nose from the first sewer.
Get the tissue and the scrap of material from the second sewer.
Climb the ladder to the courtyard above.
Show Rosso's card to the concierge.
Show the material to the concierge.
Ask concierge about the jacket.
Say goodby to the concierge and return to the roadworks.
Telephone Nico and get her address.
Exit the roadworks to the right, to the Paris map.
Go to Rue Jarry.
Talk to the flower seller to identify Nico's address.
Try the door (it's stuck), then ask the flower seller about Nico again.
Go to Nico's apartment.
Show the material to Nico and take the photograph.
Show her the nose.
Go to the Risee du Monde and show the photograph to the costumier.
Ask him about the clown.
Leave the costumier (taking the buzzer).
Telephone Todryk the tailor and ask him about Khan (use photo icon).
Go to the hotel Ubu.
Speak to Piermount about herself and show photo.
Try to get key.
Ask Piermount about key.
Walk to Piermount about the key and the assassin.
When the receptionist has left, take the key.
Go upstairs. Use key on first door on the right.
Open window and climb out.
Enter window to the right.
Try leaving the room via the door.
Once assassin has been and gone, search the trousers he left on the bed, to get the id-card and
Leave room through the door.
Ask receptionist about safe then show him ID card.
Show Piermount the ID card, so she helps you retrieve manuscript from safe.
Go back to first room, stand on ledge, and drop manuscript to the ground.
Leave hotel (to be searched by Flap and Guido).
Go to alley behind hotel and collect manuscript.
Talk to Nico about Manuscript.
Exit to map and go to Museum.
Examine tripod in the centre of the room.
Go back to Nico's apartment and tell her you're going to Ireland.
Go to Airport, go to Ireland.

Talk to Maguire about Peagram and the dig.
Go to MacDevitts.
Talk to Ron the poacher then say goodbye.
Wail until Ron leaves a snare on the table, then take the snare when he sneezes - you have to be
Ask Sean Fitzgerald about the dig.
Ask Doyle about Peagram, the dig, and Fitzgerald, and then if he wants a beer.
Ask him again about Fitzgerald.
While Doyle is drinking, take the towel from under his elbow.
Ask Fitzgerald about the dig (again).
Go outside and ask Maguire about Fitzgerald (again).
Go back inside and ask Fitzgerald about the dig, Peagram, and the gem.
Ask about the package.
When Fitzgerald has left and Maguire has burst in, go back outside.
Turn off the beer pumps by throwing the exposed switch beside the pub door.
Go back into the bark and ask Mick Leary for a drink - you will need to finish off anything left
in your glass if you ordered one earlier.
Show him the ID card.
Use the snare on the glass-washer's plug.
Go to the cellar and undo the bolt holding the trapdoor.
Go back to the street and upon the trapdoor.
Return to the cellar and collect the gem.
Turn on the tap and use it to wet the towel.
Leave the pub and take the path to the castle gate.
Tell the farmer about Fitzgerald's abduction.
Climb the haystack.
Insert manhole tool into wall, then click on gap at top to climb over.
Approach the goat to the right of the trough (by left-clicking on the ladder).
As soon as the goat knocks you over, click on the plowshare on the far left.
When the goat is trapped, go to the ladder and enter the excavation.
Get some plaster from the sack.
Move the stone idol so it falls on the sand, then raise it to expose the holes.
Use the plaster on the holes in the sand.
Use the wet towel on the plaster in the sand (if the towel has dried, return to the cellar and wet it
Pick up the plaster replica and use it on the holes in the wall.
Enter the secret room.

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