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You want to go someplace, you ask Ultar. Get you there lickety-split quick, yes? Yes!" - Ultar


An innocent vacation in Paris, for young american George Stobbart turns in to a quest for the destiny of mankind, undercovering a sacred nights order that has remained since medieval times, which could bring a revolution and change the world as we know it. George will investigate the streets of Paris to the farthest corners of Europe and middle east. Meeting friend and foe who weave riddles around you. Solve these mystical puzzles left by the templars and undercover a conspiracy.

The game opens with a picturesque cafe as George enjoyes his coffee outside. He admires the tranquil atmosphere, as a distinguished gentleman in hat and overcoat, and carrying a briefcase, enters the cafe while flirting with the waitress.
Without warning a clown rudely interrupts the proceedings with a barrage of balloons while playing accordion, but this is a cunning disguise the assassin has selected to confuse and humiliate his victim, the clown disappears and enters the cafe, puts his accordion down while evilly laughing and runs of with the mans briefcase. George notices the clown leave the cafe but this time carrying the old mans briefcase. Before George can make sense of the situation, a huge explosion destroys some of the cafe and tosses him into the air, the place is a sign of devastation, but miraculously George is shielded under a parasol, which indeed saves his life. He emerges dazed and confused from under the parasol, and now he has consequential questions that need answering, why was the man killed? What was the motive of the malevolent clown? What was so important in the briefcase, that it was worth a mans life?

The adventure begins here with George who is now
changed from casual tourist into detective. He knows he must find this mysterious cunning appitable killer and in the process he will uncover the legend of the knights templar. The game features over 60 characters to interact with, more than 50 usable items and over 70 stunning highly detailed locations to explore. Also 18 separate elegant classically animated sequences, and 260 sound effects and over 50 hours of challenging gameplay. Critically acclaimed by:

Edge 9/10 "The British have spent the last few years playing a game of catch-up, in particular attempting to emulate the careful narratives and classy presentation value of LucasArts' efforts. With Broken Sword the tables have at last been turned. Best graphic adventure to date."

PC Review 9/10 "Near perfect execution of a great script. A new standard for the point'n'click adventure has been set."

Official PlayStation Magazine 9/10
PC Gamer
PC Format 90%

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