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Box Cover Contest

It's time to test your artistic skills. Let me introduce you to The Unofficial Broken Sword 3 Site's first contest: Broken Sword 3 Box Cover Contest.

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What you need to do is simply to design a box cover (or DVD cover) for the upcoming BS3, in any program you'd like, and send it in to me through e-mail ([email protected]). Here are the few rules:

It is allowed to use all of the images from our image gallery.
You decide the dimension of your work. Just make sure it looks like a box cover (height have to be larger than the width).
Formats excepted: JPG, GIF and PNG. I do not want a 10 MB BMP file!
Send in your work before the 1st of March. Winners will be announced shortly after. Judges will be Jojo and some of the other staff.

You can send in as many images you want, but remember that you can only win with one of them.

2x Broken Sword 1: The Shadow of the Templars / Circle of Blood, for the 2 best contributions.

Shipping and such will of course be covered by us. So what are you waiting for? Fire up your graphics program and start designing! :) Just remember, the deadline is 1st of March.

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