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"I swear, I just wanted things to be right!" - Inspector Rosso

Broken Sword Movie

By: Neil Breen
11. December - 2002
About: There have been a lot of talking about a Broken Sword movie. Although the chances are slim, the idea for a BS movie sounds interesting, atleast from Neil's point of view. And he also looks on a possible cast.


By: Neil Breen
14. September - 2002
About: Nico is George's sidekick in both Broken Sword 1 & 2. But how much of a sidekick really is she? Neil Breen has written down what he thinks of Nico, and it does contain words of criticism.

The Legend of the Templars

By: Sam Chaudhri
1. July - 2002
About: The plot in Broken Sword involved something called 'The Templars'. The thing about the Templars is that they really excisted some time long ago! So Sam has here written about the future and past to the Templars, along with some pictures. A very interesting, in-debth, read.

The Screenshots

By: Neil Breen
4. May - 2002
About: The first set of Broken Sword 3 in-game screenshot have just been published in gaming magazines world-wide. Neil takes a hold of some comments from the forums, about the new look of the characters and graphics, and sums up pros and cons.

Lights, Camera, Action?

By: Neil Breen
17. March - 2002
About: What people are really skeptic about when it comes to Broken Sword 3, is the new kind of action that will take place in the series. How will this fit into the game? Neil here takes a look on how Broken Sword will be like in action, and giving it his thoughts.

BS3: Will it live up?

By: Neil Breen
18. February - 2002
About: Many people are asking questions about Broken Sword 3: "Will it be any good?", "What with the 2D?", "Will we have the old Broken Sword feeling?" and more. We're expecting a whole lot from BS3, since the two previous games were so good. So will BS3 live up?

Broken Sword: What made it so good?

By: Trond B. Tenfjord
18. November - 2001
About: This is the first article written by your very own webmaster, Trond B. Tenfjord (Jojo). Every one of us who's played Broken Sword 1, will never forget what an amazing game it was. But what did make BS1 so very good? That's what I've summed up in this article.

Kahn: Smooth Criminal

By: Neil Breen
15. September - 2001
About: Our second article, written by Neil Breen, is about the very smart enemy of George Stobbart in Broken Sword 1, Kahn. A smooth criminal one can say, wouldn't hesitate killing, master of disguise... and a man with attitude. Check out this article and it'll sure give you a second thought about Kahn.

Broken Sword Multiplayer

By: Tom Marcham
25. August - 2001
About: In our first featured article, Tom Marcham takes a look on what Broken Sword would be like in multiplayer. What you are able to do when playing together in an adventure game with another human player. Something to look out for in the future?

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Broken Sword Movie

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