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"There's something you oughta know-I don't buy 'cute' or 'lost puppy'" - George Stobbart

Information: hosting is more exciting than a barking dog!
Us getting our own domain,, also marked the beginning of our hosting service. Getting a decent host, and a appealing URL, seem hard these days. So you should try your luck here when looking for that. But let me just explain you this: We're hosted by a Monkey Island site (, which again is hosted by a LucasArts (well known game producer) site named LucasGames. Getting this Broken Sword site in here in the first place was the first task, so to bring more Broken Sword sites to it as hosted sites, gets worse. But I'll might be able to squeeze in a couple of sites.

What we can offer:

  • A personal domain, with your own FTP login details. Upload files right away.
  • A fast and stable server (as far as I know), with integrated extensive webstat for your site. Transfer your files at high speed.
  • You'll be able to run your own CGI, PHP and ASP (I believe) scripts and pages on the server. All software on server is up-to-date.
  • Abundant of bandwith and server space for your site, and more.

    As I explained above, it may be hard getting hosting since this isn't exactly a Broken Sword site we're hosted on. So we have to set up strong requirements for design/layout and content. Your site must be a professional one, appealing to visitors, else I'm affraid it might get hard getting is hosted. You are also required to put a advertisement banner and a "hosted by" button on your site. The ad banner is for paying the server costs, which you get to enjoy for free.

    Ready to give your site a try? Be sure to have it uploaded on a temp place, so we can check it out first. And when you're ready, send a mail to [email protected] with "Hosting" as subject. Good luck!

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