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"Holding that lantern I felt kinda biblical, like Jesus... or Florence Nightingale." - George Stobbart

Chat Log - Saturday 29. September

People at the chat:

Jojo :: Isak :: ydb :: Fender :: Fazza :: Dan-BSMMI :: Fingolfin (was idle all the time) :: JazzyJoe (2h 36mins late)

All times are Central European Time (CET).

Session Start: Sat Sep 29 22:04:20 2001
[22:04] *** Now talking in #broken-sword
[22:04] *** Topic is 'Welcome to Unofficial #Broken-Sword Chat Room!'
[22:04] *** Set by Jojo- on Thu Aug 09 16:39:43
[22:04] <Isak> hey
[22:04] <Jojo-> Hey
[22:04] <ydb> jojo
[22:04] <ydb> kick it ol skool
[22:04] <Jojo-> hi
[22:04] <ydb> i need some MI4 help
[22:04] *** ydb ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:04] <Dan-BSMMI> hey Jojo
[22:05] <Jojo-> Hi Dan
[22:05] <Fender_> what?
[22:05] <Fender_> ydb?
[22:05] <Dan-BSMMI> did you get that counter problem sorted?
[22:05] <Jojo-> Gonna check now
[22:05] <Dan-BSMMI> ok
[22:05] *** free_odb ([email protected]) has joined #broken-sword
[22:06] <Jojo-> does it still say it's an error when u visit the site?
[22:06] <free_odb> i'm back
[22:06] <Jojo-> wb
[22:06] <Dan-BSMMI> yeah it does
[22:06] <free_odb> muchas jojo
[22:06] <Dan-BSMMI> whats the counter? a cgi text one?
[22:06] <Jojo-> Dan: then the problem is still there :( affraid i cant do anything besides wait
[22:06] <Jojo-> javascript
[22:07] <free_odb> anyhoo,i need some MI4 help
[22:07] <Dan-BSMMI> oh right ok
[22:07] #broken-sword url is
[22:07] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Jojo-
[22:07] <Isak> Chek out this
[22:08] <Fazza> Jojo!!!
[22:08] *** jannar85 ([email protected]) has joined #Broken-Sword
[22:08] <Jojo-> Hey Fazza :)
[22:08] <Jojo-> Hey jannar
[22:08] <Dan-BSMMI> dead link mate =P
[22:08] <jannar85> whazzup?
[22:08] <Dan-BSMMI> haha
[22:08] <Dan-BSMMI> gotcha there
[22:09] <free_odb> RVD
[22:09] <Isak> actuall this link should work:
[22:09] <Fender_> it worked for me
[22:09] <Fender_> hey jannar
[22:09] <Fazza> good inter, Isak
[22:09] <Dan-BSMMI> I know, It was a a joke
[22:10] <Fazza> Getting busy!
[22:10] <Isak> very funny, hahaha
[22:10] <Fender_> lol
[22:10] <jannar85> ¨Hi Fender_
[22:10] <Isak> anyway, i must work whit bszone, cya
[22:10] <jannar85> What will happen here?
[22:10] <Isak> Cya!
[22:11] <Jojo-> bye
[22:11] <Jojo-> jannar85: talking
[22:11] <Dan-BSMMI> glad you found it amusing
[22:11] <jannar85> ah!
[22:11] *** Isak ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: )
[22:11] <jannar85> Jojo: Hva var sida di igjen - BS
[22:12] <Jojo-> <-- what a shit logo on the page :p
[22:12] <Jojo-> jannar85:
[22:12] <jannar85> takk
[22:12] <Dan-BSMMI> lol
[22:13] <Jojo-> free_odb: did u get an answer to your mi4 problem?
[22:13] <free_odb> yep
[22:13] <free_odb> but i can't change my name back to ydb ;-(
[22:13] <Fender_> he got it from me!
[22:13] <free_odb> brb
[22:14] <free_odb> and muchas gracias fender
[22:14] *** free_odb ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:14] <Jojo-> free_odb: write: /nick ydb
[22:14] <Jojo-> maybe not
[22:14] *** ydb ([email protected] has joined #broken-sword
[22:14] <Fazza> HHHHAAAAAAAAA
[22:14] <ydb> das better
[22:14] <Dan-BSMMI> tsk, bloody perl files
[22:14] <jannar85> Heard any news about BS3?
[22:15] <Jojo-> Dan: whatcha doing?
[22:15] <Fazza> The forum is under attack!
[22:15] <Dan-BSMMI> putting in a text counter
[22:15] <Jojo-> jannar85: nah, there havent been any news about BS3 for months
[22:15] <ydb> it is fazza?
[22:15] <jannar85> ydb: Cool article you have done!
[22:15] <Fazza> Forum= under attack!!!
[22:16] <Fender_> hwo come?
[22:16] <jannar85> huh?
[22:16] <ydb> cheers jannar
[22:16] <ydb> i've dumped the new one
[22:17] <Fender_> :/I Am testign my new nick
[22:17] <Fender_> lol
[22:17] <Fender_> Nope, doesn't work
[22:17] <Jojo-> ja
[22:17] *** Dan-BSMMI is now known as damn_perl
[22:17] <Jojo-> sorry, wrong window
[22:17] *** damn_perl is now known as Dan
[22:18] *** Dan is now known as Dan-BSMMI
[22:18] <ydb> jojo is a log of this chat gonna be on the site?
[22:18] <Jojo-> yeah
[22:18] <ydb> sweet
[22:19] <Jojo-> so we better get a decent topic rollin
[22:19] <Fender_> :/nick Fender Paul
[22:19] <ydb> i will just take this opportunity to say: CAN YOU DIG IT,SUCKA!
[22:19] <Dan-BSMMI> can you edit my perl rubish?
[22:19] <ydb> and: WHO BETTER THAN KANYON?
[22:19] <Fender_> :/nick Fender_Paul
[22:19] <ydb> ok,i'm done
[22:19] <Jojo-> Fender: what tha hell are u doing?
[22:19] <Fender_> lots o peeps bette rthan kanyon
[22:19] <Fender_> i dunno
[22:19] <ydb> NO THEY'RE NOT
[22:20] <Jojo-> Dan: whats the prob?
[22:20] <ydb> like the question says:WHO BETTER THAN KANYON?????
[22:20] <Fender_> : /Fender_Paul
[22:20] <ydb> not fender,thats for sure
[22:20] <Fender_> yes they are!
[22:20] <Dan-BSMMI> we'll talk in ICQ
[22:20] <Fender_> and yes I am!
[22:20] <ydb> nice work
[22:20] <Fender_> ydb did ya ever get icq?
[22:20] <Jojo-> who's Fingolfin?
[22:20] <ydb> brb
[22:21] <Fender_> a guy called fingolfin
[22:21] *** Retrieving #broken-sword info...
[22:21] <Dan-BSMMI> Jojo, are you in, invis mode on ICQ?
[22:21] <Fender_> except with a capital F
[22:21] <ydb> pretty cool name
[22:21] *** Jojo- changes topic to 'Welcome to Unofficial #Broken-Sword Chat Room! || Chat has started! || Todays topic: ?'
[22:22] <Fender_> lol
[22:23] <Fazza> Topic is: Fazza is cool!
[22:23] <jannar85> cya all
[22:23] <ydb> TOPIC IS: who better than ydb?
[22:23] <Dan-BSMMI> haha, I don't think so some how lol
[22:23] <ydb> peace jannar85
[22:23] *** jannar85 ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: )
[22:24] <Fender_> cya#
[22:24] <Fender_> i better than ydb
[22:24] <ydb> anyone know how bs2.5 and bs3D are going?
[22:24] <Fender_> Isaks gone
[22:24] <Fender_> nope
[22:24] <ydb> testing,testing
[22:25] <Dan-BSMMI> BS23D is ended now, hasn't it?
[22:25] <Jojo-> I dont trust Peter to get it done
[22:25] <ydb> i think they're doing only a small bit of the original game
[22:26] <Fender_> up to Quaramonte I( think
[22:26] <Dan-BSMMI> they've quit now
[22:26] <ydb> ah well
[22:27] <Fender_> ah
[22:27] <ydb> hey fender,k-kwick's gone
[22:27] <ydb> WOOH!
[22:27] <Fender_> nto to good.
[22:27] <Jojo-> Hawk have failed me... he aint here
[22:27] <Jojo-> that does it, he's fired as mod!
[22:28] <Jojo-> j/k
[22:28] <ydb> he said he wouldn't be
[22:28] <ydb> SACK HIM
[22:28] <ydb> SACK HIM NOW!
[22:28] <Jojo-> YEAH!
[22:28] <Jojo-> no
[22:28] <Fender_> make me mod! or ydb!
[22:28] <ydb> aw
[22:28] <Fender_> or me!
[22:28] <Fender_> or ydb!
[22:28] <ydb> i ain't got the time or money
[22:28] <Fender_> or me!
[22:28] <Fender_> or ydb!
[22:28] <ydb> fender gets my vote
[22:28] <Fender_> or me!
[22:28] <Fender_> or ydb!
[22:29] <Jojo-> Fender's policy: SPAMMING FOR ALL!
[22:29] <Fender_> I suppose ill vote ydb
[22:29] <ydb> i don't want votes!!!
[22:29] <Fender_> nope, I not a spammer *innocent*
[22:29] <Dan-BSMMI> 2 right!
[22:29] <Fender_> I vot e for ME! then!
[22:29] <Dan-BSMMI> I vote 4 me aswell
[22:29] <ydb> i've changed my mind-ANYONE BUT FENDER
[22:29] <Fender_> aw, not as nice. come on ydb
[22:30] <ydb> ok you big lug
[22:30] <Fender_> thank you
[22:30] <ydb> u get my vote.............DAN
[22:30] <ydb> mwahahahahaha
[22:30] <Fender_> damn
[22:30] <Fender_> howwible boy
[22:30] <Dan-BSMMI> yippie
[22:30] <Fender_> i don't like you
[22:31] <Fazza> i do not like steve!
[22:31] <Fender_> ydb
[22:31] <ydb> GREAT!
[22:31] *** Jojo- changes topic to 'Welcome to Unofficial #Broken-Sword Chat Room! || Chat has started! || Todays topic: Mod changes (have this as topic so Hawk feels guilty for not being at chat)'
[22:32] <Fazza> haha
[22:32] <ydb> nice
[22:33] <Fender_> yes! make me a mod! or ydb *attempts to curry favor*
[22:34] <Fazza> I would like to have full powers, Jojo!
[22:34] <Fazza> Or on fan work as well, please
[22:34] <Jojo-> you're already a mod
[22:34] <Fender_> Your just tech help mod
[22:34] <Jojo-> what do we need another mod on fan work for?
[22:35] <Fazza> i not know? i just like it!
[22:35] <Fender_> iull be a hawky mod! or ydb can!
[22:36] <Fender_> come on, at least one wrestling fan mod. like me! or ydb!
[22:36] <Fender_> or hen!
[22:36] <ydb> im back
[22:36] <Fazza> we all spam too much!
[22:36] <Fender_> not me *innocent*
[22:36] <ydb> hey i don' points are always well thought out,insightful and....oh wait,they're not
[22:37] <Fender_> true, true
[22:37] <Fazza> not that much anymore! (spam) + you need 1 more (i think) Mod!
[22:37] <Fender_> like me! or ydb! cos it rhymes!
[22:38] <Fender_> why not make everyone a mod
[22:38] <Fender_> that could be fun
[22:38] <Fender_> except, Jojo could be a normal member
[22:38] <Fazza> no?
[22:38] <Fender_> or ydb rhymes!
[22:39] <Fender_> alright, i'll stop
[22:39] <Fazza> good boy!
[22:39] <Jojo-> CHAT
[22:39] <Jojo-> IS OVER
[22:39] <Fazza> noooooooooooo
[22:39] <Dan-BSMMI> eh?
[22:39] <Fender_> damn. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[22:39] <Fazza> what?
[22:40] <Fender_> c'mon Jojo
[22:40] <Fender_> huh?
[22:40] <Fender_> : /PearlJam
[22:40] <Fazza> Jojo?
[22:40] <Jojo-> ok, CHAT IS NOT OVER
[22:40] <Fender_> lololololololololololol
[22:40] <Fazza> Jojo is a ......
[22:40] <Fazza> YIPPEEEEEEE
[22:40] <Fender_> yes?
[22:40] <Dan-BSMMI> lol
[22:41] <Fender_> yay
[22:41] *** ydb ([email protected]) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[22:41] <Fender_> lets celebrate by....................
[22:41] <Fazza> FARTING
[22:41] <Fender_> lets make the next person who registers mod.
[22:42] <Jojo-> hell no
[22:42] <Fender_> why not. just for a day
[22:42] <Fazza> God no Fender?
[22:43] <Fender_> it would be funny.
[22:43] <Fazza> no fender
[22:43] <Fender_> ok...........
[22:43] <Fender_> only an idea. hey, ydb's gone!
[22:44] <Fazza> Steve is a dick!!!
[22:44] <Dan-BSMMI> y do u say that?
[22:44] <Fender_> ok
[22:45] <Fazza> he is a *#*#*#
[22:45] <Fazza> hehehe
[22:45] <Jojo-> Fender: do u like Guns 'n Roses?
[22:45] <Fender_> no
[22:46] <Fender_> do you like Iron MAiden?
[22:47] <Jojo-> no
[22:47] <Dan-BSMMI> NO!
[22:47] <Jojo-> GnR is good
[22:47] <Fender_> oh, i gtg, so make me a mod while im not here, and take the mod status away when I coem online in the morning. ok? cya
[22:47] <Fender_> IRON MAIDEN!
[22:47] *** Fender_ ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:48] *** ydb ([email protected]) has joined #broken-sword
[22:49] *** Fazza1 ([email protected]) has joined #broken-sword
[22:49] *** Fazza ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[22:49] <Dan-BSMMI> what about it?
[22:51] *** Dan-BSMMI ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:53] <Jojo-> is chat over now?
[22:53] *** Fazza1 ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[22:57] *** ydb ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[22:59] <Jojo-> CHAT IS OVER!
[23:53] *** Jojo- is now known as Jojo-away

And then, only 2 hours and 36 minutes late, JazzyJoe shows up aswell.

[00:36] *** JazzyJoe ([email protected]) has joined #broken-sword
[00:37] <JazzyJoe> hi
Session Close: Sat Sep 29 00:40:23 2001

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