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"I felt an irrational urge to wipe my ear." - George Stobbart

Unofficial Broken Sword 3 FAQ, v1.2.5
Updated: 11. January - 2003

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Q: When will Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon be released?
A: The game will be released in October, 2003.

Q: Will the game be in 2D, like in Broken Sword 1 and 2?
A: No, Revolution are going over to 3D in this game.

Q: What about mouse & keyboard? What will we use?
A: The game will be direct control, and you can only use the keyboard.

Q: My PC is crap, what other formats is it coming for?
A: Aswell as the PC, it will be available for Playstation 2, X-Box, GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

Q: I got a PII 233mhz, 16mb 3D card and 32mb RAM. Is this good enough to run BS3 on my computer?
A: Although the game requirements have not been revealed yet, you shouldn't have anything lower than 500mhz, 32mb 3D card and 128mb RAM. But don't be surprised if the game will require somewhere around 6-700mhz. As I said, the requirements have not been revealed yet, so wait if you're planning on doing any upgrading on your PC.

Q: Will Rolf Saxon, the voice of George Stobbart in BS1 & 2, also be the voice of George in Broken Sword 3?
A: Yes, Revolution Software have confirmed that Rolf Saxon will do the voice of George in BS3.

Q: I've heared there will be "action & stealth", how will this affect the game?
A: I think too many people worries about the action. Revolution have said it will contain a little action, but they keep reminding us that "this will be an adventure game, not action". So people are over-reacting when they think it's gonna be a game like Tomb Raider. The stealth part will be something like sneaking past a guard to get to a certain area, and if you're seen you will be kicked out.

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